What is actually an OhMiBod product?

What is actually an OhMiBod product?

OhMiBod is a musically powered vibrating product to experience sexual sensation. The device converts the music signals from phone to vibrations and can be customized by the strength of volume running in the mobile. It can give an excellent result with any output. This product was specially made compatible with iPhones a few years ago and now also responds to voice call and ringtones. After several developments of OhMiBod, many other versions of this sex toy were released.

If anyone is looking to get pleasure from a remote-based product that can come in handy anywhere – from the bedroom to office, OhMiBod has created products that can meet your sexual needs. These products can fit right under panty against your vagina walls to deliver the best vibrations customized by a mobile app. With this mobile app you can control the product from anywhere accords your home or room. These products are made with excellent material that can not harm your body in any way. They have excellent ergonomic design and deliver light impact vibrations to create amazing sexual sensations.

Vibrations from OhMiBod are truly meant to tickle around your private parts and give pleasure until you end up with an orgasm while working in the office. One amazing thing with these products is that you can easily get teased in your private parts while talking with or while hanging outside your room. Vibrations produced by OhMiBod products are quiet and subtle enough to not let anyone know what is going on inside (unless you start moan). You can customize vibrations and other settings of OhMiBod products using a phone app.

OhMiBod remote application

People rely on smartphones to stay connected with each other all over the world. Everyone in the world is using smartphones to stay connected with their loved ones when they’re apart – why not take this to a new level. The OhMiBod phone app can let your naughty sexual dreams come true. Using this application, you can

  • You can control vibrations and customize different vibrating patterns remotely
  • You can get benefit from real-time control over your partner’s vibrator from anywhere

This app is specially designed for partner or solo play. It is a great way to connect sensations between you and your partner through your /phone/tablet. OhMiBod app includes several modes to play the vibrator. Such as

  • Touch control
  • Preset patterns
  • Tap and save
  • Voice to vibration
  • Accelerometer

Advanced OhMiBod allows you to deliver unlimited vibrating patterns using voice control key and other functions to customize vibrating patterns and intensity with each functional mode. However, current OhMiBod products use a Bluetooth to connect the product to your phone/tablet and apparently have received excellent reviews. Many customers are requesting to add Wi-Fi connection for long-distance functionality. With Wi-Fi compatibilities, a couple can enjoy the passion regardless of the distance between them.

Benefits of OhMiBod products

  • They are manufactured from body-safe material
  • Wearability and discrete packaging
  • They usually come with a perfect lace thong
  • OhMiBod app can be used to customize different patterns
  • Both app and vibrators are easy to use


Functionality of the modern OhMiBod application

Different options included in the new OhMiBod application are listed below


Just move your finger around the phone’s screen to customize vibrations and their pulsations on the fly. This function also provides you with an interface that allows saving customized and self-created vibrating patterns, you can swipe left to edit and name your new vibrating pattern which can be used afterward. This function is handy because you don’t need to remember the pattern to deliver the same vibrating sensation.


Just tap your finger with different rhythms and actions for 5-6 minutes so you can come up with some crazy vibrating patterns, the app will play back those vibrations afterward. The longer you put your finger on the screen, the steadier and stronger vibrations will be delivered.


Simply use your voice with different patterns to generate customized looping vibrations. You can utilize a song on the radio, your special song, or mix music to get a unique set of vibrations.


A range of different preset patterns of vibrations are saved in this section of OhMiBod application. These patterns are upgraded and new patterns come up with app updates.


Using built accelerometer of the phone, move the from one side to other and use it like a gas pedal to deliver long, heavier, and steadier vibrations to your partner. When you’re countered with a pattern that really satisfies you, just lock it in.

Enjoy five different built-in patterns while connected to your Android or iOS device. You will end up having an intense pleasure and insane array of vibrations. Track your partner’s situation with an iconic blue heart that blinks over time and throbs in real time to lip-synch the vibrations they are experiencing and feeling.

Different OhMiBod products

There are many vibrating products offered by OhMiBod. Each of them has the same functionality – provide intense pleasure while you’re at work, dinner, or in a gathering. Different OhMiBod products are



The OhMiBod love life products offer great pleasure with intense vibrations. They deliver app connected smart vibrations that are powerful and whisper quiet. Some extensive categories of LOVELIFE vibrator are Lovelife Krush, Lovelife Wanderlust, Lovelife Snuggle, and Lovelife Smile etc.


It is a very cool thing indeed with amazing features. Bluemotion is a slim-line wearable vibrating product that is controlled through Bluetooth using your phone/tablet with OhMiBod Remote App. OhMiBod Bluemotion vibrators are Bluemotion NEX 1, and Bluemotion NEX 2.


It is really cool wireless and wearable remote control OhMiBod vibrator. This product is now available with rechargeable remote and silicon VIBE. Club Vibe products are Club Vibe 3.OH Panty Vibe, and Club Vibe 2.OH Panty Vibe.

Overall Review

The OhmiBod is a very cool thing and people love buying these products. You cannot understand what this vibrator can do until you will control every thump of the vibrator to deliver immense pleasure to your partner.


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