All About Ohmibod - What You Should Know

All About Ohmibod – What You Should Know

If you are just like most people, you probably wondered to yourself if Ohmibod is not a brand of fitness products, however, when you take a look at its official website, you will see that the sum of what the company does can be summed up in one word: vibrators.

But we are not just talking about any kind of vibrator here. What we are talking about is a high-end line of pleasure products that you can use remotely. But that’s not the only kind of vibrator they offer, nor the only product. If you take a look at the official website, you will see that Ohmibod actually offers a whole line of products that can enhance your love life and sex life (you can have sex without love), that is, if you have the imagination.

There is a whole line of vibrators and related toys that you can choose from. And then, of course, there are lubricants, Kegels, and rear gear.

The company fuses high-technology and the art of pleasure to make award-winning products. What we found amazing among its offerings is the smartphone-based vibrator, which you can use by yourself or with your partner. You download an app and use it to remotely control the vibrator. We think it’s perfect for long-distance relationships, although it should not stop anyone from using a vibrator while at work.

If you are having problems deriving pleasure from sex, you definitely should try Ohmigod products. If your partner cannot reach your g-spot or does not know how to stimulate it, you can use Ohmibod’s gspot stimulator. Have a problem that is not gspot-related? No problem. Just go to the link and see what products can possibly help you. We trust the company enough to recommend it and to say that you can’t go wrong when you use any of its products – some of them have actually won awards.

Of course, because of their high-quality, you cannot expect for its products to be cheap. We looked at the price of the smart vibrator and found that it costs over $100. Regular vibrators cost $50. But then again, you only get what you pay for. And what you get for the price that you pay is a product that does not disappoint and gives you pleasure.

Buying from Ohmibod allows the company to grow, however, if you want to help in accelerating its growth, make sure to make a donation to its page on Indiegogo to fund the creation of even more sophisticated high-tech sex toys.

How much does shipping cost? We don’t know exactly, however, if you buy over $25 worth of products, shipping is free. And if you buy over $50 worth of pleasure toys, you get free shipping and a bottle of lubricant.

IF you are wondering what to give your partner this holiday season, you can buy a gift for him or her right on the website and have your gift delivered in a gift box.