An Ohmibod Review

An Ohmibod Review

The OhMiBod vibrator is an innovative new aid that is designed to make life more fun for people in long distance relationships. It can help you to have interaction with your partner even when they aren’t around – or with a stranger if you’re so inclined.

This OhMiBod review will focus on the practicalities of using the vibrator. It’s a clever little thing. It is designed to be worn, and used, in day to day life as well as in the bedroom. It comes with panties, and the device itself, and you insert the device in the panties and then walk around and go about your day to day life, while whoever is remotely connected to it can control your pleasure.

The OhMiBod setup happens over Google+. You will need to have the person you’re giving control of the device to as a friend on the network (adding them to your circles), but this is a ‘less social’ thing than Facebook so most people should be OK with it.

The OhMiBod is a clever little tool. You can control it by tapping buttons in an app on your mobile phone, or by moving the phone around. You can start it, stop it, make it pulse, or make it vibrate at different intensities. This is the function that most OhMiBod reviewers seem to like the most, but it’s had mixed feedback in terms of how it functions.

The OhMiBod is fun – you can use it with your partner, or you can connect with a stranger and play with it while chatting on whatever service you love the most. But many users complain that the setup isn’t as simple as with, say, the WeVibe, and the way it’s designed to be worn isn’t ideal either.

The idea is clever. It’s something you can wear and walk around with, and then be pleasured discretely. But it’s still a vibrator and that means it’s not quiet. You will run the risk of people hearing it if you use it in public. You might get away with it out shopping, or if you work in an office alone and wear it to work (but make sure it doesn’t go off in meetings!).

You might even be able to pretend that it’s a phone vibrating, but that’s not really ideal. And, if you’re just going to use it in the privacy of your own home then you may find that the WeVibe is a better choice because of the vibrating features that it has. The We Vibe is considered by many to be a better vibrator product.

The OhMiBod’s app is great, though, and the idea of it being worn in a panty is something that other vibe makers could learn from.

If you’re looking for a gift to spice up a long distance relationship, then the WeVibe could be a brilliant choice. It’s cute, it’s creative, and it’s definitely going to be a fun distraction for a while, even if it doesn’t become routine play.

ohmibod review

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