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Ohmibod - live on chaturbate webcam site

Chaturbate as we know if the most popular webcam live sex site on the world wide web right now!  you can see it in action here. They have been ranking and staying at #1 for a reason, they are 100% FREE! You can check out the site, and all you need to do is register for […]


Hentai Games and Hentai RPG - what is it about

Hentai Games and Hentai RPG What is hentai game? Any game with manga/anime aesthetics and sexual content is called “hentai game”. Hentai (変態)is a Japanese word (derived from the Chinese “biantai”) which means “perverse”. The Japanese themselves usually call such games eroge (short for “erotic games”) How explicit should the sexual content be to qualify […]